PGC Leadership Influence

Go APE for your teamates [bosses, peers, subordinates]:

A – Acknowledgement.  Make a big deal out of everything your teammates do good.  They love acknowledgement.  Show excitement, say their name, acknowledge even when you are the one who rightfully should be acknowledged.

P – Praise.  You want to attack your teammates.  Don’t just say nice things, attack, make a big deal about it.  When you praise your teammates and tell them you love them they will do anything for you.

E – Encouragement.  You have to be the first person to recognize someone who is struggling.  You must tell them after a bad play [deal, work failure, etc] that they are a great player and you are going to give it to them on the next play to score.

The APE ratio is 6:1.  Give someone six APEs and then give one suggestion and they will take it better.

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