PGC Leadership Communication

Another leadership lesson my daughter learned this summer at her elite basketball camp – lessons in communication:

Three reasons players [leaders] don’t communicate, 1.  Too into themselves and selfish, 2.  Too tired, and 3.  Don’t know what to say

NITE communication:

N- Names.  Use a person’s name before you instruct them.  Everyone loves being put in the spotlight, they will respond better

I – Information.  Information is meaningful talk.  Eliminate chatter.  Reminders are only useful before they are necessary.  Good leaders alway give reminders.

T – Tone of voice.  Leadership isn’t about yelling and screaming it’s about influencing your teamates.  Converse with your teamates.

E – Eye contact.  If you want your players to listen to you look them in the eye.  When your coach [boss] is telling you something nod in agreement.  93% of communication is non-verbal.

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