Trash Can Turkey

My kind of cooking involves heavy tools.  Give me a chainsaw, axe, and wood splitter and I’m ready to cook.  My good friend Joel Smith suggested I try a trash can turkey.  A quick search of the internet and I found all I needed to know… this method involved a metal trash can, sledge hammer, shovel, and wooden stake.  Immediately hooked, I convinced my mother (convinced is way overstating it) to let me cook our Thanksgiving turkey in a trash can.

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Here are the steps: Continue reading

Black Gap Timelapse

The video below is a time lapse experiment from a trip to Big Bend country. The settings were off and the camera battery died before the sun set, but the scenery was beautiful enough to post incomplete


Richard Adam’s Medina Texas BBQ Mop and Sauce

For years Richard Adams was the BBQ master for the small Texas town of Medina and the Medina Childrens’ Home.  When the community held an event he would lead the effort to ensure there was ample food for the people.  The children’s home frequently called on him to cook the brisket, sausage, etc for appreciation dinners and fund raising.  His ability to slow cook the meat with just the right amount of consistent heat (no small thing when you are cooking hundreds of briskets) with his secret mop sauce created melt in your mouth delicacy that had a unique  flavor without equal.

I was fortunate to serve as a helper on several occasions and will cherish the memory of sleepy mornings, oak smoke wafting from the coal fires, the feel of the long handled shovel as I transfered coals at the time and place Mr. Adams dictated, and the taste of cabrito cooked for the helpers.  When Mr. Adams passed away his widow graciously provided the instructions he held so close while he lived.  Continue reading

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