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The Maxwell Leadership Bible counts the leadership style in the United States since World War II.  There has been an evolution of leadership styles over the past sixty years which illustrates the change in the generations and a move to more internalized and inspired followers.

1.   Military Commander.  Leaders returned from the war emulating the leadership styles that won the war.  They implemented a top down dictatorship style influencing from their position as a leader instead of inspiration.

2.  Chief Executive Officer.  CEOs lead through vision, goals and objectives passed to subordinates to follow.  This is a top down leadership style which depends more on execution of a strict plan than

3.  Coaches.  Recently, leaders have viewed themselves as coaches of a team striving together for a win.  In a sports obsessed society this works well because it focuses on the teams strengths and weaknesses forms

4.  Poets.  Currently more leaders are realizing the power of words and the inspirational value of empowering subordinates.  A leader poet knows with a properly formed message subordinates will be empowered to creatively achieve the organizations goals. See also: Motivation 3.0

…all the people hung on [Jesus’] words (Luke 19:48 NIV

Maxwell Leadership Bible, Revised and Updated

The Leadership expert, John Maxwell, brings an in-depth look at God’s laws for leaders and leadership.

The content of the current Maxwell Leadership Bible is revised and updated to incorporate Maxwell’s works since the first release of the Maxwell Leadership Bible.

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