Tuba City Mission Trip: Day One

I can’t decide how to start this series. Possibly with a mention of a cliche’ I observed when an American Indian crossed the road in the middle of the desert holding a half empty quart and another full; or maybe I should start with a discourse on the perils of long distance travel in a small van with church youth. I really want to write about the mountain top worship the Merkel folks had on Sunday night complete with communion and a great lesson by Dustin.

What I’m leaning towards is opening with irony of traveling half way across the country to do things for needy people when the same things need to be done for needy people at home. But these things still need to be done right here, right now even though a willing workforce is days away. I suspect the real value will be seen in my own growth and the growth of our kids who see a different culture, learn about themselves, grow closer with their friends, and discover serving God can be done in many different ways.

I can’t decide how to start so I won’t…I’ll just start with a “we’re in Tuba City, AZ helping the local church serve the Navajo community and to spread the Gospel.”

At the beginning of our mission Paul, the local minister/missionary here, lined us up at attention at the beginning of our mission and led us in a chant to get us going…we indeed are a Soldier in God’s Army and will not give up…we are ready to serve on the front line.


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