Should Christians Pray for an NFL Lockout?


In this month’s issue, Sports Illustrated polled die hard football fans to gauge the mood on the potential NFL Lockout.  The poll conducted by market research firm M&RR found that most believed a deal would be reached and there would be a full NFL season. But if there isn’t, the poll listed the activities that would take the place of football:

Half of NFL fans (47.5%) say they would watch more non-sports TV and 61.2 percent would watch more of other televised sports without the NFL season. Fans would also spend more time surfing the internet (56.1%), with significant others (45.1%), doing yard work chores (43.6%), playing video games (33.5%) and at church (13%).

ONLY 13% will go to church!  That will be the easy interpretation most people will make and I think a misguided one.

Consider this, 111,000,000 people viewed the Super Bowl this year and if the same percentage as those polled go to church next year then 14,430,000 people will be in church instead.  Even if you take a single Sunday night game like the Cowboys vs Eagles with 25,300,000 viewers then 3,289,000 people would be in church.

I like football and hope the players get taken care of during the negotiations.  There are some very real physical and fiscal issues that must be resolved however, if we can get more people  into church (and further spread the gospel)…I’ll take it.

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By Greg Chaney

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