Manager and Leader


The manager administers, the leader innovates

The manager maintains, the leader develops

The manager relies on systems, the leader relies on people

The manager counts on controls, the leader counts on trust

The manager does things right, the leader does the right thing

– Fortune Magazine

There is some debate about the attributes of leaders and those of managers.  Some interchange the titles making any leader also a manger and manager leader. Everyone has an opinion based on their job description, corporate culture, personal preference, and so on.

My belief is that  anyone in a position to influence people is both leader and manager.  Lower level positions will manage more than they lead, perhaps 60% management/40% leadership.  The higher you climb in your organization the more leadership competencies used; a CEO might be 20%  manager/80% leader.

The leader who can balance the appropriate level of management skills while leading subordinates through vision, innovation, and trust is the catalyst for organizational excellence, regardless of their position on the corporate ladder.

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By Greg Chaney

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