Bible Class: Purer Motives


Bible class audio for November 28, 2010 “Purer Motives”

Overview of Jesus’ Sermon

1. Matt 5:3-16 = Intro,
(3-12) who will be the recipients of kingdom blessings
(13-16) calling those people to live out their countercultural lives in society as preservative agents

2. Matt 5:17-20 = Thesis, greater righteousness

3. Matt 5:21-7:12 = Body
(5:21-48) contrasting Jesus’ commands with the OT Law
(6:1-18) purer motives
(6:19-34) seeking heavenly (spiritual) rather than earthly reward ( echos from 6:4,6, 18)
(7:1-12) dealing with how to treat others7:12

4. Matt 7:13-27 = Conclusion, call to obedience

Key Points
1. Don’t put on an act
2. Seek Spiritual reward
3. Others, God, Yourself.

Purer motives; “Acts of Righteousness” (6:1-18)
To Others = Giving to the needy
To God = Prayer
To Yourself = Fasting

Importance of Greek theater

Sepphoris (Zippori, or “birdy”) was a major Roman and Byzantine city, the capital and heart of the Galilee province. It included a network of colonnaded paved streets, markets, residential houses, public buildings, bathhouses, theater, synagogues and churches. The richness of its mosaic floors (expanded in another web page), architecture and other findings indicate that the city was wealthy.It was a major Jewish town at the Byzantine times, and for some time the center of the Jewish administration in the Holy Land.

To Be Seen:= theaomai = Theater

Hypocrite:= hypokrites = Actor or Stage player

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